Kenneth Jackson





​Kenneth Jackson currently resides in Amherst, Nova Scotia.  He has lived in Halifax; St. John's; Toronto; Singapore; and Prague, Czech Republic.

Jackson has visited nearly fifty countries to date and four continents.

Kenneth has a BA in Political Science and a MBA in marketing and international management.  Both are from SMU.


Jackson has worked at numerous international advertising agencies such as Dentsu, BBDO, Y&R and McCann.  His last position before retiring was in Singapore.

He has worked with such popular brands as Toyota, Home Depot, Ford, Coca-Cola, General Motors, Canon and Hilton.


​Jackson continues to play hockey several times a week and writes and reads on a daily basis.  He is an avid fan of live music and plays guitar.

Jackson is and retired and lives in New York.

Keep an eye out for Kenneth Jackson`s second book entitled "Mental Redemption" due to be released in 2013.

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