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Table of Contents

Foreword         It’s been thirty years.  Why now?

Chapter 1         April 15, 2016…I could have died; instead I became president                                  

Chapter 2         The “New Freedom Initiative”…a modern definition of freedom                          3

Chapter 3         The birth of the new model of government..."Engaged Democracy"

Chapter 4         The “3POI-P” approach…abortion and immigration examples

Chapter 5         “Constructive Capitalism”…there’s money to be made in doing good               
Chapter 6         The legal system…getting to the truth and minimizing lawyer imapct                  
Chapter 7         July 4, 2022...Kennedy and Newfoundland join the Union                             

Chapter 8        US foreign intervention…“protect, free, enforce"
Chapter 9        International neighbors and opposites…Czech Republic and Hungary            236
Chapter 10       A religious reformation?…Islam and Christianity
Chapter 11        Thoughts for my critics                                                        


"Engaged Democracy" is a system that West implemented to replace the extinct representative version. "Engaged Democracy" involves interested American citizens in all aspects of legislative development and voting.  The House of Representatives and bureaucracy became the institutions that manage the "3POI-P" approach.


"3POI-P" refers to Persons, Positions and Politics of Influence - Process.  These are the three core groups involved with developing legislation.  They are also the primary groups that vote on the "Spirit of Law" and the final legislation.   Universal voting has been eradicated on most all areas other than during representative elections.


The people who contribute the most get the most in return.  From money, to authority, to happiness, West's vision of culture embraces a judgmental apprach where money and actions usurp previously prejudicial values such as religion, ethnicity, gender or politics.  Contribution became the primary value of importance in America during his time.


With the purchase of eastern Canada in 2022, the US for the first time in over one hundred years expanded its geographic boundaries.  The notion of nationalism is becoming less important as we approach the year 2050.



Corporations finally got the message that there is more money to be made by doing the right thing by their customers, rather than simply profiteering.  Further, humanitarian type efforts became much more action-oriented and on-ground than merely being PR or fund-raising efforts.

Through the International Fedreal Management Group (IFMG), the US spear-headed a collaborative approach to assist developing nations in implementing democratic institutions.  Also, the Dept. of foreign affairs became more of a business partner to US businesses rather than a diplomatic initiative.

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