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Two New States Added to the Union - Kennedy and Newfoundland

LA Daily News - December 7, 2012


A newspaper article about the two new US states that entered the union in 2016.

The era of "Constructive Capitalism" begins

Miami Herald - November 30, 2012


Home Depot introduces a new era of "constructive capitalism" whereby corporations realize there is money to be made by doing right by America and their customers.

President West introduces "Engaged Democracy"

San Francisco Chronicle - November 28, 2012


A newspaper article about President West's introduction of the "Engaged Democracy" system.

Future presidential Memoirs

Citizen-Record - November 22, 2012


A newspaper interview conducted with the author of "ff21st" Kenneth Jackson.

Henderson West Wins a Landslide

NBC News - November 7, 2012


On Tuesday, Henderson West swept to victory utilizing his non partisan approach and the resilience of his STAND UP AMERICA campaign.

Blog exceeds 5,000 page views

Kenneth Jackson - October 2012


On Monday, October 15, 2012, Ken Jackson's blog, exceeded 5,000 page views.  The blog launched in February of 2012 and supports the new novel by Kenneth Jackson entitled "ff21st."

The majority of page views come from North America but there is a surprising readership in Russia and China.

My second book -- Mental Redemption  © 2012  All Rights Reserved

Kenneth Jackson -- June, 2012

In June, I completed my second novel entitled "Mental Redemption."  In this work, I explore the concept, of what people might say about you at your funeral.  My lead character, Jet Winston, is a successful Californian, who goes about his hedonistic lifestyle with little consideration for the impact he has on anyone else.

Jet buys a motorcycle on a Saturday, to celebrate his recent promotion, and proceeds to get into a fatal accident on Monday.  The first half of the book is him living his life and the second half is his friends and family talking about him and his misfortune.  

© 2012  All Rights Reserved



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